ENVISIONS LLC is a jewelry manufacturing and wholesale company featuring stunning designs with incredible quality and smart pricing. We operate with a strong execution of driven vision, deep product knowledge, state-of-the art diamond and jewelry manufacturing units and an experienced management team. Our home office is located in Manhattan, New York.  Our goal is to provide innovative and on-trend solutions to the independent jewelers to help them compete in this ever-changing marketplace. At Envisions LLC we have the adaptability to change with the ever-evolving market, the simplicity and transparency to always keep ourselves open and easily accessible.  


With Envisions you will find that we dedicate our focus to our customer and Partners, but most importantly to the consumer. With this focus in mind not only do we keep ourselves at the forefront of cutting edge designs and exclusive collections, but also take pride in always thinking “What’s next?”.  At Envisions we are focused on providing the very best in quality merchandise, and superior customer service so that every single need is always fulfilled and met.


The combination of our experienced leadership, innovative styling, and attentive customer service is what sets us apart from the competition.


To ensure to our Partners and consumers our merchandise is of high-quality and from sources without conflict, we carefully select and monitor our suppliers of precious and raw materials.